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Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria established in 1959 as a provider of flight operations in the oil and gas industry. Today, the company has developed capacity as an aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul organisation. Aero MRO is uniquely positioned in the African market offering both line and heavy base maintenance services to the highest international standard of safety.

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MRO of Choice Why Choose Us

Safety Record

We take pride in our zero accident record, thanks to our commitment to a robust safety culture propelled by continuous training and retraining of personnel (both technical and non-technical).


With age comes experience. AeroMRO is not only an old hand in the business, but has successfully completed a D-check on a B737 Classic, including other very heavy maintenance projects on other aircraft types - Bombardier Q-series, Hawker 125 and Helicopters. AERO MRO has a combined personnel experience of over 600 years.


We retain the industry's best workforce: professionals who have been moulded within a culture of excellence and excel wherever else they decide to go.


At more than 60 years of operation, we can reasonably say that we know what we are doing & can be trusted.


Although we are in business to make profit, we know what it means to be on a budget. Our services are offered at very competitive market rates.

Rich OpsSpec

We are licensed to operate on a variety of aircrafts, including power plants and a rich array of fixed and rotary wing machines including B737 classic, B73 NG, Bombardier Q series, Hawker 125 all series, S76C, AS365N, EC135T2, AW139 and AW109SP.

Services & Workshop Provider of Choice

Workshop Services

Base Maintenance (Ongoing C-check)

Overhaul Shop

Upholstery & Interior Workshop

Avionics Workshop


Customers and Partners Work With Us

Over the years, our service quality has endeared us to many reputable organizations within and outside of Africa. We are the trusted aviation service provider and/or business partner of many organizations.

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